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Welcome to “Swift Chats” in the Financial Services Industry, a podcast brought to you by Impact Communications, where your hosts Marie Swift and Jonny Swift speak with interesting people in the financial services industry and the financial planning profession.

Our podcast spotlights independent financial advisory firms, allied financial services institutions, and “fintech” companies that we think are adopting "Best Practices" in the industry. We also share our own tools and ideas aimed at helping independent financial advisors throughout the various conversations.

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Aug 11, 2023

​In this Swift Chat, Marie Swift of Impact Communications, Inc. speaks with Michael Lecours, CFP®, Co-Founder of fpPathfinder, a company that helps financial advisors become more efficient, innovative and systematized by quickly solving planning problems and questions from clients using fpPathfinder's checklists and flowcharts.
Michael shares the journey that led him to develop this unique concept of using checklists and flowcharts to drive impactful conversations and uncover planning opportunities, born out of a desire to streamline complex financial discussions. Michael also shares an upcoming webinar discussing the Master List of Goals, developed in collaboration with Morningstar researchers, that revolutionizes client-advisor interactions.

Learn more and register for webinar hereExpanding Opportunities: Mastering Client Goal Setting for Financial Success [September 26, 2023 at 1:00 pm CT]

Learn more about Michael and fpPathfinder at