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Welcome to “Swift Chats” in the Financial Services Industry, a podcast brought to you by Impact Communications, where your hosts Marie Swift and Jonny Swift speak with interesting people in the financial services industry and the financial planning profession.

Our podcast spotlights independent financial advisory firms, allied financial services institutions, and “fintech” companies that we think are adopting "Best Practices" in the industry. We also share our own tools and ideas aimed at helping independent financial advisors throughout the various conversations.

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Oct 24, 2023

​In this Swift Chat, Marie Swift sits down with Sam X Renick, the visionary behind Sammy Rabbit's Money School, a financial literacy program for children ages 2-10 years old.
Listen to discover the inspiration behind Sammy Rabbit's Money School, a groundbreaking initiative dedicated to instilling essential money habits in children.

Sam shares some secrets to making financial literacy engaging by integrating money ideas into fun and exciting topics.

  • Learn about the fascinating "All Star Readers" program, where financial professionals read children's books with vital finance and life skills messages.
  • Discover how financial advisors can use Sammy Rabbit's Money School to host live or virtual events, engaging clients and nurturing relationships while promoting financial literacy.

Whether you're a parent, teacher, or financial advisor, you'll find resources and strategies to implement financial education easily and efficiently in your community. These events create media buzz and brand-building opportunities for advisors in their local communities.
Sam and Impact are partnering with two special offers for Advisors:

  • Sammy Rabbit Money School – Get memberships for your clients to over 400 co-branded downloadable activities, original songs with matching activities, Big Dream Journal, and more!
  • Sammy and Santa’s Advice – Custom and co branded Sammy Rabbit Holiday Activity Book (Must be ordered by Nov. 10th for this holiday season)Sammy

These opportunities are for financial advisors and include premium memberships, virtual experiences, marketing materials, and co-branding opportunities.
Don't miss this enlightening episode that's all about empowering the next generation with smart money skills.

Learn more about Sam X Renick and Sammy Rabbit at