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Welcome to “Swift Chats” in the Financial Services Industry, a podcast brought to you by Impact Communications, where your hosts Marie Swift and Jonny Swift speak with interesting people in the financial services industry and the financial planning profession.

Our podcast spotlights independent financial advisory firms, allied financial services institutions, and “fintech” companies that we think are adopting "Best Practices" in the industry. We also share our own tools and ideas aimed at helping independent financial advisors throughout the various conversations.

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Dec 5, 2023

In this Swift Chat, host Marie Swift speaks with Siddhartha Oza and Rohit Agarwal, the co-Founders and co-CEOs behind Sora Finance, whose mission is to optimize debt costs for everyone by empowering advisors in actively managing clients' liabilities.

The Sora platform, driven by an AI component, addresses the historical oversight of managing debt, providing advisors with the right data and tools to optimize clients' financial well-being. The trio discusses the complexities of managing liabilities, the untapped potential of debt optimization, and the pivotal role financial advisors play in reshaping the landscape of wealth management. 

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